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Milestones Marketing, LLC is pleased to provide our clients and prospective clients marketing information relevant to starting and growing your business. Many companies underestimate the power of marketing and how it has the ability to impact their bottom line positively or negatively. Many small businesses shy away from investing in marketing and simply believe that “if they build it, people will come.” This may have proven to be the case before our last recession. However, those companies who continued to invest in marketing and engaged in “no cost” or “low cost” online marketing during recession were able to sustain their operations. Those companies that did not understand the value of promoting their brand, creating an online presence, and implementing creative, out-of-the-box marketing strategies tended to see sales plummet, downsized staff, or even worse, ceased to operate. Our economy is doing better and the construction industry has substantially picked up in most major markets. Even the larger contractors continue to invest in their marketing departments employing full-time marketing staff to promote their brand and to maintain their market positioning. If the larger firms see the value in marketing to build their bottom lines, why are the small to midsize contractors lagging behind and not following suit? Hopefully, our blog will provide greater insight about marketing, what works and what doesn’t, and how to develop effective strategies and tactics to build and strengthen your business.

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