Fragmented Marketing Produces Short-Term or Few Results

You may think you are doing your company justice by simply focusing on redesigning your website. Actually, a website may be your overall marketing strategy when it’s actually just one of many tactics you can use to market your business. Unfortunately, a website alone will not produce the results you need to position your company for business growth. However, if designed correctly, it can be a great source for lead generation.

Spending money on a direct mail campaign may be a tactic you use but if it is not targeted to a specific market that is likely to do business with your company, it becomes a waste of time and money. Piece meal marketing is not an effective approach to marketing any business. You are highly likely to produce the results you need when a comprehensive strategic marketing plan is created which includes research-based data about your industry, your competition, and your target markets. Your website or direct mail campaign should be inclusive of your overall marketing strategy to ensure consistency in communicating your brand and messaging to your target markets.

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