Milestones MicroMentors™ is the training and development division of Milestones Marketing, LLC working with public, private, and nonprofit clients to develop and facilitate customized trainings targeting microbusinesses to help them achieve their business growth milestones.

Our services include the following:

Mentoring:  Provide one-on-one guidance and support to microbusinesses.

Training Facilitation: Provide intensive, in-class instruction to microbusinesses covering marketing, finance and operations.

Strategic Collaboration: Create partnership opportunities among community and business partners and manage implementation plans.

Program Development: Develop innovative and game changing program models.

Curriculum Development: Develop customizable training materials targeting microbusinesses such as the Business Growth Essentials for Microbusinesses™ Business Accelerator Program, Tourism Marketing Workshop Series™, Mastering Marketing Workshop Series™, and Financial Fundamentals for Business Growth™ Workshop Series.

Data Collection & Management:  Develop and manage online centralized platform to gather, share, and manage information about the microenterprise community through the MicroNetwork™ website.

Working with community and business partners, Milestones MicroMentors™ strives to bring possibilities to life for microbusinesses to grow.


Marjorie facilitatingMilestones MicroMentors™ is strategically positioned to serve as a leading provider of business accelerator programs for microbusinesses and is best positioned to help build and manage collaborations in support of the efforts of our business and community partners by leveraging our expertise and relationships to provide essential business training, project management and implementation services.

We have developed and introduced the framework for some innovative and game changing initiatives that have the potential to benefit the entire Miami-Dade microenterprise community including:

  • Business Growth Essentials for Microbusinesses™ Curriculum & Accelerator Training
  • MicroNetwork™ Website
  • Service Provider Collaborative for Technical Assistance Delivery
  • ProviderNet™ Capacity Building Seminar Series for Service Providers
  • EntrepreneurNet™ Live Networking & Learning Events for Business Owners
  • Microenterprise Service Directory, a resource guide of business services and support