org developmentMilestones Marketing offers marketing and organizational development services to nonprofits. Although the economy has been improving, many nonprofits are still bouncing back from losses in financial support from government, corporations, and individual donors who cut back during the economic downturn of 2008.  Thus, many nonprofits have had to streamline their operations even further by reducing staff and skating by with overextended and underpaid staff due to hiring freezes.

Nevertheless, the need to hire qualified nonprofit executives to help develop and execute strategic plans of nonprofits is challenging since nonprofits must compete for top talent with limited dollars.  Outsourcing projects to seasoned nonprofit executives and project managers such as Milestones Marketing may be the solution to your challenge.  Working with nonprofit organization development consultants or outsourced project managers allow nonprofits to maximize their limited dollars by having access to seasoned professionals with more than 20 years of nonprofit executive management, project management, fund development, events management, and marketing communications experience.

Organizations look to the Milestones Marketing consulting team when they need a partner and informed, understanding perspective in designing solutions, taking the next step in their evolution or accomplishing a specific project or goal.  Download our Nonprofit Service Profile for more information about our services or call us at 866.859.3930, ext. 102 to schedule a complimentary consultations.