5 Reasons You Should Be Sending Regular Eblasts

Haven’t sent out an email blast in a while? Here are our top 5 reasons why you should get back in the habit of sending regular email marketing campaigns — or get started!

1. Concentrated News

Instead of having to look all over for content about your industry or relying on a customer to visit your website, your customers will receive a direct message communicating information that is relevant and helpful to them.

2. Professional & Engaging

A well designed email stands out in your prospect’s inbox! But how can you be sure they’ll read it? Have you tried combining serious business news or product updates along with less formal writing? If you weave in some of your brand personality, you are ensuring that your customers will read through to the end simply by adding a human touch. There are several approaches on how to lighten up an email newsletter to keep it engaging.

3. Brand Recognition

Who are you? Regular email blasts keep your company name on your customers’ minds. Not only will they know who you are, they’ll recognize and associate your brand to what you do.

4. Your website is only a click away!

Your images and text can be hyperlinked to specific content on your website or social media pages, allowing for a seamless transition between the email and more information. Plus, you can track response, open rates and click throughs to gauge what’s most important to your readers.

5. Measurable Results

Most email campaign managers (like Constant Contact or MailChimp) provide a robust and easy to comprehend analytics system that you can use to track the effectiveness of your messages.

Confused on how to start your email campaigns? Looking for a content strategy plan? Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation with our outstanding creative team.

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